Pleasant welcome to our website. Jai software is a New Entrant to the Consulting Arena with Experience Players. We offer Services for Customers across the Globe with tailored solutions. A remarkable impression is always maintained with the customers with no false promises. People who really value for the legacy and in good will creation are working with us. We just not only solve the issue but try to fix the origin of the problem and having this trait gave us more Customers.

Our Mission

Let’s get this done.
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  -HenryFord

Our Vision

Set a high standard and powerful Bench mark in consulting with a Positive approach in Client – Customer Relation.
“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”  -HenryFord

Our Values

Very Simple and Transparent.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”  -HenryFord

What We Do

We want to make a positive difference in approach towards the Consulting in software applications and development. With many years of experience across many Industries and diversities, make the Companies life much easier. Just to cater for all the Consulting needs of companies in a more simple and professional way removing all the hassles of multiple channels of communication with multiple layers, deadlines and cost escalations.

What We Are For

Being Trustworthy is the most expensive one in the Current market conditions. We are here to really make a positive impact for the Consulting approach in bringing the Customers closer. We definitely know the Business are really tired with Men in Suites, who just bring in more and more unwanted things with compelling stories.

We pitch in straight to the point with no waste in time, either we do or get things done. More authoritative control is given to the Customer in the Journey. Equal ownership is given to the Project Team as the management in every project which gives them a positive feeling in owning the Customer Projects.

Jai Software solutions provides flexible services to the Customers as they required. Most of the services include Consulting, Software development, Testing, Auditing, Training and Support. We just even provide only piece of Code if you just need it.

  • Software and Business Consulting
  • Free Lancers
  • Corporate Training
  • Code Masters

What makes us the best?

among others

Percent of customers who satisfy with our services.


Projects we recently delivered to customers


Hours we provide after sale supporter


Total no of clients in all region across the world